Downtown Dealer

Resume B.A.: 1959. M.A.: 1961. Married: 1960. Taught three years: Philosophy At a minor university. 1963: Wife died: suicide. One day in 1964, In a lecture on reality, To everything I said There echoed refutations in my head.

But this New Job is Really Me it’s really fine it’s mine the chrome’s so bright it’s like clear thought the motors roar like chimera it’s just the thing it’s just the way it all should be my salesman’s tongue as slippery as any salesman’s tongue can be from years of lectures on philosophy and since it is so really good I’m here to stay I’m here to sell it everyday I do it any way I can you see those flashing reds and greens? A SALE A DAYA SALE A DAY the neons really pull them in A SALE A DAY everyday some guy comes in machinists hands cut up like meat I put him in the driver’s seat it costs him “seven dollars weekly” it costs me what I have to pay A SALE A DAY a man who buys his time by sales has to buy the only way has to buy it everyday or go under

So I will make a deal any kind of deal Hey mister see that two-tone Ford gray and pink as dawn? I will make a real deal You know that dream you have of dawn? I can make it real I can make it real real if I can make it

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